Transcranial pulse stimulation (TPS®) for dementia

When a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s is made, it initially comes as a shock to everyone – those affected and their relatives. Because Alzheimer’s is still not curable.

In neurological diseases, such as Alzheimer’s dementia, nerve cells of the brain are constantly destroyed, which can lead to memory lapses, speech disorders and also mood swings.

In short, the lives of patients and their families are subject to constant change.

We already have drugs that help slow down the course of the disease. The goal is to maintain brain performance.

Now there is also a therapy called transcranial pulse stimulation – TPS® – which uses ultrasound to non-invasively penetrate all areas of the brain, activating those nerve cells that contribute to the regeneration of brain functions.

The long-term goal is to promote the patients’ mental abilities, to improve their quality of life and in this way also relieve the burden on their relatives.